How I Almost Lost my Mind...

And Then Found it Again, sort of.

This is the "meta page," where I tell you why I made these pages in the first place. They were originally created for a course (FA 346) at the University of Victoria when I was an undergraduate student there in 1995 (Hey, that means this web page is closing in on its 23rd year!). Many of the photographs are my own except where credited to others. The backgrounds are also homemade. Some are from photographs while others were made by scanning articles of clothing or textiles, objets d'arts, and even scrap paper that blew into my yard from the street. This background is an image of mudéjar art from the Alhambra in Granada.

I graduated from UVIC in 1998 with a double major in Hispanic Studies and Writing. In 2002 I gained a master's degree in Hispanic Studies and, after some time spent waiting for the world to beat a path to my door, went back to what I was doing before: running my various business ventures and having the time of my life. Meanwhile, I'm continually re-working these pages and trying to keep them up and running. I hope they will help me to communicate my interests to the world at large and possibly even lead to discovering some new ones.

A sincere thanks to the many who have sent me comments, requests for permission to re-produce articles, and $$$ for the goods and services I offer here.

Long Live the World Wide Web!

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