Once upon a time, on a mountain, on an island in the sea...

To order a digitally re-mastered CD of tracks from the 1974 SODBUSTERS recording sessions (containing such favorites as "Livin' in a Hideout," "Dodger Rag," and "The Last Round," etc., etc.),

Email me (Dan Pedrick) at:sbusters@sodbusters.ca

$30 (CND / USD) includes shipping to Canada or USA/International

CD comes in plastic case with original LP graphics. Meanwhile, here's a lineup of some songs from the album. Hope you enjoy...

   <<< Sodbus then...

                                        ...Sodbus now >>>

The original Sodbusters, conceived and born on Salt Spring Island, made their debut there on December 27, 1972, in Beaver Point Hall. The band consisted of (in alphabetical order) Avi Gross (a.k.a. Ken Grossman), Paul Newman, Dan Pedrick, and Robert Walshaw. Later we were joined by Kelly Cavanagh (a.k.a. Huckle), Jody Marquis, Wendy Sinclair, and Kathy Stack. Guest players on the 1974 album included Ray Newman and John Prisland. Many other musicians and dancers appeared on stage with us over the years. The Grim Reaper has taken its inevitable harvest over time and so we can only fondly remember—and miss—Wende, Ray, John, and Bobby.

Oh, what a time it was!

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