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Accommodation Exchange

Years ago—way before the Internet—there were a number of hospitality/accommodation exchange clubs that published catalogs with accommodation offered for holiday exchanges among members. These could be simultaneous, or not. In some cases they even included use of autos and care of pets! We participated in several of these with great success. One year we went to Spain and spent a month in a traditional house in the heart of Seville. Another exchange found us in the Pays Basque of southern France. We made friends in Mexico, Hawaii, and New Zealand that we still enjoy visiting. The success of these adventures might have been just luck but more likely it was a matter of linking up with people of common sense, good faith, and trust-worthiness while striving to maintain the same characteristics.

The world has become more complicated since then but we want to believe that such things are still possible. So, if you would like to visit Victoria, B.C. and have an accommodation that you think we might be interested in, send us a proposal in your own words (in English, Japanese, Spanish, or French). Our preferred destinations include Argentina, Spain, Okinawa Islands, New Zealand, France, England/Wales, Costa Rica, USA-—or any other exceedingly charming and exotic place we may not have considered.

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